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We have some motivation to share with you that will encourage you to want to learn forex trading. We met with Haley Williams, a retired Office Supervisor, who is successfully trading Forex for living and is now consistent, making over 150K on Forex per year.

Yes, it’s the story about a newly retired woman that changed her life overnight and now is a successful Forex trader. Check out our interview with her!

Interview with Haley Williams

Nice to meet you Haley. We appreciate that you agreed to meet us. Can you first tell us a little bit about how you started to trade Forex. How did you end up as a Forex trader?

I remember my first brush with Forex very well. I was sitting at the public library in Jersey City, New Jersey.

So you were at a library? What happened there?

I was looking for inspirational books, and I just randomly opened a book that was about Forex.

How long time ago was this?

-It was the week before Christmas in 2017, I had just turned 65 years old and was newly retired.

Were you excited?

Yes. Finally my work days were over with and now I could do all the things I had been wanting to do for a very long time and never seemed to have time to do.

Yeah, I guess many people are waiting for their retirement lifestyle?

Yes, me as well. I had looked forward to more time for traveling, other things. But I soon realized I was running through my savings and my pension was just paying my bills, never mind anything extra.

So you realized you needed to get some extra income?

Yes indeed! I was poor, lost, and desperately looking for ways to afford a better life. On top of that I was bored … bored stiff. This is the golden years I kept hearing about? This was not what I expected or wanted – not what I had envisioned for myself. I felt like I was suddenly put on a shelf, with a label on me that said “useless”.

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So after all, you were just dissapointed?

Yes, to that end, I found in the library inspirational and helpful books. But my saving grace turned out to be a currency market trading book: “How to Make a Living Trading The Foreign Exchange, by Courtney Smith”.

What is that forex book about?

The manual was insightful at what a life of Forex trading could look like. Covering failures and successes alike, sounded like a real challenge compared to my boring and routine life.

How did that book open your eyes to the forex market?

I was at a point in my life where I had no clue how to get out of the boring routines I had created. I thought, this sounds freaking awesome and I want to make money now!

How did you take action after reading that book?

Well, I used my own hustle and Courtney Smith’s tips to build a live trading account’. I really was inspired that the online trading market enables me to work from wherever the internet is.

What happened next?

It sounded so easy in that book, but honestly it took me years of false starts and experimentation before I finally hit upon a day trading strategy that was profitable and sustainable for me.

How did you get started trading?

I was browsing the internet, I ran across an ad for one of those forex live trading classes. It promised me wealth, health and happiness forever… well wealth anyway. I left my email and soon after a broker contacted me, set me up with a demo account and took me through the basics of their trading platform.

Were you followed up by a professional trader?

Well I think this broker hired sales agents, not traders for this kind of work… The guy invited me to try it for a couple of days and he called me every day. He assured me the demo is the live foreign currency market on the platform… The actual online currency market where I would be trading the news on a daily basis.

So how was your first trading experience?

I managed to make $5,000 in three days and I was hooked. Then I deposited $2,000 in a real account and began to trade the news. I made modest trades at first and with my constant winning I increased the lot size. In a two week period some time down the road I made $10,000 in two weeks. I simply couldn’t put a bad trade in if I tried.

Wow, not everyone makes money that fast in forex! Congratulations! Did it work for a long time?

Thanks, well for a few weeks it worked. If I was not making from $500 – $800 a day – that was a bad day for me. My mind raced, adding up how much a year I could make if I kept myself in control … $2,000 – $5,000 a month seemed so attainable and easy to get. A nice addition to my meager pension and for once I could live the way I always dreamed…

The forex disaster and struggle on the way

So what happened after your first “holy grace” period?

Well, since I was not able to see any red flags, or I didn’t want to, I continued to add to my account growing it to around $20,000. Then something went wrong – completely wrong.

What was different?

It seemed no matter what trade I put in, immediately after, the market went against me. It was hurtful! It ate up all I had accumulated and was now eating into my meager savings in the hope that all I needed was a couple of good trades and I could regain what I had lost.

Were you kind of desperate at this stage?

Yeah. Soon, the hope dwindled down to just breaking even with what I put in and not losing the account that was there. Breaking even with the trades already in a loss position. Sheer panic set in, I couldn’t think clearly.

Did that result into more mistakes?

Yes, definitely. I made every mistake a rookie trader makes, increasing lot sizes to out trade the losing trades and much more. Eventually I lost my account. I was broke.. except for the $3.26 USD left in my account. I can’t forget what and how I felt!

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Did you want to give up at this stage?

I had my moments where I considered giving up, yes. I was desperate, I couldn’t even sleep! I envisioned being homeless, I was broke and heavily in debt.

Did you take a long pause from trading after that?

Yes. I hated everything about forex at this point. All the mistakes made me take education more seriously. I took courses and read everything I could about forex trading.

So you realized you lacked the important forex education to trade successfully?

Yes, I just jumped in with both feet and I have to admit I’m embarrassed. But I also read about scam brokers and how they sucked you in, which sounded so familiar to my own experience. I learned how to check if a broker is registered with a regulator and what I could expect in the way of protection from an unscrupulous broker.

Could you use this information for your own case?

Yes, I contacted a lawyer and sent a complaint with the regulators against my broker.

Did you resolve it?

Yes, I recovered all of my money back as this was a broker that “churned” the trades to scam unsuspecting and naive people like me.

How did your journey of forex continue after that?

I read everything I could get my hands on. I took a few webinars on various trading strategies, how indicators work and how to use them properly, skipping down the road of profitable trading.

Did you find some helpful resources?

As the saying goes, Google is your friend and so is Youtube. I joined several trading clubs that had people from Malaysia to the UK to Saudi Arabia all giving their perspective on what is hot to trade that day and learned to trade the news from around the world.

Did you have any new experiences and learnings?

Yes. I learned that people are the same all over the globe, everyone is just trying to earn a little more a month to ease their living status, provide a good living for their families, or to enjoy the finer things in life.

Learn forex trading and get your forex education

Look at yourself. Now you can call yourself a consistent trader with experience. How has your life changed?

travel the world and trade on the way, profitable trader

I’m happy and relaxed now. My retirement dream came true at last. I can run with the big dogs,  as my earnings have given me approximately $15,000 per month and I’m well on my way to increasing this substantially.

Learning forex trading is the key for having the confidence you need in this business.

Haley Williams

What would you say to other people out there that is considering trading?

Well, I think back to my old life, that “worker bee” who never lifted her head up, hanging on to a small pension and being so wise in spending money, saving every penny… It’s a boring life, at least it was for me.

A remarkable thing happens to you when you lift the weight of being a “worker bee” from your shoulders.

And the trading has given me a different lifestyle, which I recommend to everyone, no matter where you are in life. I will say you have to lift your head up and look for the sun and then aim for it. Learn forex trading, but be picky, find a mentor that cares about you.

You have to let go of all the things we were taught that actually hold us back, and take a chance, learn more, find your courage. I decided along this journey that I can learn to trade, and I will live the life I always wanted. I just had to let go and travel the adventure.

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Trading on the go

What are your future plans?

Well right now, like everyone, I’m waiting for this virus to be over. I want to travel to Barbados where I have a holiday home. The weather is amazing there, it’s always sunny and nice. There’s a beautiful beach next to my house and people are so friendly there. It’s so great that I just need an Internet connection and I can trade anywhere I go.

“Profitable trading is not difficult to reach when you have found the right strategy”, she says. “You feel and look younger, you can’t wait to get up and start your day … you can’t wait to live.”

“I wanted to open myself up to new experiences. The foreign currency trading has simply changed my life”, Williams says and ends the interview.

We at Forex and Profits wish her all the luck and want to share the course and the mentor that she recommends. Check out the link below. It’s definitely a much more convenient way, since missing the educational part is why most people fail in forex.

Haley learned Forex the hardest way, with testing and failing on her own… But we believe, if you have a good forex mentor and a solid forex course you will save all that frustration… and you will learn forex trading the easiest way!

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