Gold and EURUSD forecast

Let’s have a quick look at what direction Gold and EURUSD will have for the next few hours, and what trades we should program our EAs to trade for us. When to trade Time for trading: Monday 6 February Gold forecast in the SPB EURUSD forecast in the SPB Gold forecast in Investment castle EURUSD… Continue reading Gold and EURUSD forecast

GBPJPY Forecast – Sell Idea

Picking which currency to invest in can be tough. Do you go with the safe option and invest in USD? Or do you take a chance on something like GBPJPY? In this blog post, we’ll explore whether GBPJPY is a buy or sell. We’ll look at recent trends and figure out what the future might hold for this potential investment. So, is GBPJPY a good investment? Read on to find out!

EURUSD Forex charts analysis – Sell Idea

EURUSD is one of the most popular currency pairs to trade. Many traders are asking if it is bearish or bullish now. In this blog post, we will explore the technical analysis indicators to see if we can provide an answer. We will also look at some key fundamental factors that could impact the direction of EURUSD. Stay tuned for our findings!

GBPUSD Forex price prediction – Sell idea

GBPUSD is a pairing that always has traders on their toes. There are so many factors that go into movement of this pair and it can be very exciting to trade. Whether you’re looking to scalp a few pips or hold for a larger move, GBPUSD can offer opportunities for all types of traders. So what are you waiting for? Get started trading GBPUSD today!

GBPCAD Forex charts analysis – Bearish idea

This currency pair has been on a wild ride recently, and offers plenty of opportunities for traders who are willing to take on some risk. So what is causing all the excitement around gbpcad? Keep reading to find out if the GBPCAD is a buy or sell trade right now!