Gold and EURUSD forecast

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Let’s have a quick look at what direction Gold and EURUSD will have for the next few hours, and what trades we should program our EAs to trade for us.

When to trade

Time for trading: Monday 6 February

Gold forecast in the SPB

SPB gold forecast Bearish for 6 February
Slopey Peaky Bob (SPB) continues to be: Bearish

EURUSD forecast in the SPB

EURUSD Bearish forecast using the SPB 1 hour chart
The red and the blue line in the SuperSlope tightened in the beginning of this week and it means the probability for a bearish run for the EURUSD pair is greater.

Gold forecast in Investment castle

Investment Castle shows a bearish forecast for the XAUUSD on the 1 hour chart
Gold: Bearish in Investment castle on the 1h timeframe

EURUSD forecast in Investment castle

EURUSD forecast using the 1 hour chart and Investment castle indicator
EURUSD sell direction in Investment Castle on the 1h timeframe

XAUUSD forecast in Bloom

Gold forecast with Bloom and the 4h chart
Gold forecast: Bloom on the 4h timeframe has got a bearish prediction

EURUSD forecast in Bloom

EURUSD bloom forecast on the 4 hour timeframe
Another bearish forecast using Bloom on the 4 hour timeframe

Conclusion | Gold and EURUSD forecast

5 out of 6 say still bearish, but we have to watch gold extra carefully. For the moment we set our EAs to SELL for both the XAUUUSD and EURUSD.

Remember: Never invest money you can’t afford to lose.

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