GBPUSD Forex price prediction – Sell idea

gbpusd price prediction 2022

A strong sell signal is emerging on the GBPUSD currency pair.

Looking at the GBPUSD forex pair, it looks like a good time to sell. The pair has been in a downtrend for awhile now, and there doesn’t seem to be any real signs that it’s going to change direction soon.

So if you’re looking for a good opportunity to take some profits off the table, selling at current levels could be a solid move. Keep an eye on key support levels in case they are breached though, as that could signal further downside momentum. Happy trading!

Why I think the GBPUSD is going Bearish

The GBPUSD had been steadily moving down from February 17 to present and it is still moving down.

GBPUSD sell idea using Linear Regression Channel and Pivot Point by forexandprofits on

  • The RSI and ADX agree that the trend is still strongly bearish for this pair.
  • The GBPUSD hit the resistance level and bounced down for a retracement, however as per the Fib with the Linear Regression Channel, and the SRS Trend Rider Pro they all display a strong Bearish sentiment.
  • My analysis on the 4 Hour chart in Smarttrader shows a target of 1.20055 for those who want to ride the GBPUSD train until the 1.618 on the Fib scale and profit target 1 of approx +239 pips is reached. Profit target 2 would be 1.183 – 420 pips further down.
  • Careful monitoring of this pair is needed to take advantage of a trend reversal up when it is ready using the Pivot Super Trend. This is not a quick, fast trade. This will be a slow down trade requiring patience. You can either scalp this trade on the ride down or put in a low lot size and sit back and enjoy the ride down until you are ready to cash in the profits.

My main profit target is: 1.183 (420 Pips away).

What is the current direction with the SRS Trend Rider Pro?

The SRS Trend Rider Pro displays a strong Bearish sentiment for the GBPUSD pair, on the 1 Hour chart.

The market is constantly changing, and with it the needs of traders. That’s why I’ve started using the SRS Trend Rider Pro for Metatrader 4.

It’s a great tool that helps me stay on top of the market and make the most accurate trades possible. If you’re looking for an edge in the markets, I highly recommend using this tool!

What are the forex experts saying about the GBPUSD prediction?

Central Charts

Bearish GBPUSD price forecast

Type : Bullish

Timeframe : Weekly


Bearish GBPUSD price forecast

Type : Bearish

Timeframe : Hourly


Bearish GBPUSD action bias forecast

Type : Bearish

Timeframe : 6H/Weekly

What will be the price of the GBPUSD in the next months?


Bullish GBPUSD prediction

  • Bearish 1-year forecast for the GBPUSD to 1.937
  • Bullish 5-year forecast to 1.948

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Forecast City

Bearish long-term forecast for the GBPUSD

The GBPUSD pair is highly volatile and can provide lots of opportunity for profit.

At what level is the GBPUSD price Expected to Rise?

According to Gov Capital, the GBPUSD currency pair is expected to reach 5.00595 in 2026

At what price is GBPUSD price expected to drop?

The least possible price of the GBPUSD may be 1.0013 in September 2022, according to GovCapital.

What to do next?

It’s time to boost your trading account with some signals that I really believe in. I also shared the best trading ideas for Gold – the charts are updated frequently.  Let me know your thoughts.

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